The 10 Best Customer Relationship Management Softwares for Small Business in 2018

Business is increasingly challenging, especially for small teams trying to keep up with larger competitors. You might not be able to match them on price or get your products in front of as many people. Your best advantage is that you can give your customers more of a personal touch.

You don’t have a million customers. You’ve got a thousand true fans instead, fans that need the personal attention only a small team can offer.

That makes CRM—customer relationship management—even more important for small businesses. With a small team and a limited budget, you need a tool that can efficiently help you keep track of all your customer details and personalize your interactions with your customers.

Here are the ten best CRMs for small businesses that we found after researching dozens in the category.

What Small Businesses Need in a CRM

Every business has their own unique needs, the things their team needs from a CRM. That’s what makes it tough to say one app from a category is best for everyone, especially in a crowded field like CRM.

Some might need a CRM with more of a focus on deals, while others might need one that focuses more on the tiny customer details. For small businesses, though, all the CRMs we picked are:

  • Budget-friendly. Price is always important, especially to small businesses. Each CRM we chose is priced on the lower end of the spectrum (under $50/month per user), with extra points given to those with a solid free version.
  • Easy to learn and use. You don’t have time to learn a complex system—or resources for a dedicated team to manage software. The CRMs chosen don’t require you to hire a CRM guru in order to be effective, and are easy for your team to learn and use.
  • Customizable. You don’t need to track every interaction and piece of data. Data is good, but too much data can be as much of a problem as too little. These CRMs are ideal for a wide range of uses and adaptable to the often-changing needs of small businesses.
  • Plays well with others. A good CRM should never function as an island, especially crucial in a small business where resources are limited. These CRMs work well with various other business software, making them as useful as possible to small businesses.
  • Flexible. While larger companies have the luxury of a clear distinction between various roles and departments, small businesses need to be more flexible. Your customer support team, marketing team, and salespeople may all be pulling from the same database—so you want to make sure that the CRM you choose is useful to more than just your salespeople.
  • Scales with your business. While you want something that’s simple to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you also don’t want to be scrambling to find a new CRM if you experience that hoped-for growth spurt over the next few years. The CRM software mentioned is designed to scale with your business for the long term. Scaling includes both staff (users) and number of contacts.

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Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2018

Best CRM software for small businesses. These cloud-based and software-based crm platforms will help you develop great customer relationships.

For any business, small or large, developing strong relationships with customers is a critical factor for success. Using customer relationship management (CRM) software can help companies organize important data from multiple locations into one convenient interface. The ability to track and analyze every interaction with a customer or prospect increases customer engagement and keeps the customer where he or she belongs – at the center of your focus – and helps you close more deals and win more business.

Research has shown that a properly integrated CRM solution can generate ROI from approximately $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar invested in the solution. Salesforce, one of the leading providers of CRM software, found that using a CRM solution can increase sales by 29%, salesforce productivity by 32% and sales forecast accuracy by 44%. Today’s competitive landscape is more crowded than ever, and the ability to tailor your engagement Continue reading “Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2018”

Easy CRM solution : The Best CRM Software of 2018

Managing contacts can be the lifeblood of a growing business. Contacts represent longstanding customers, partners, and those who might become either. While managing this treasure trove of business data can be done with a mammoth spreadsheet, today’s organizations, especially small to midsize businesses (SMBs), are far better served tracking their company’s known associates using customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Not only easier to use but also much more versatile than a spreadsheet, CRM software is a contact list with a brain. It records your customers’ contact information but it remembers the details of your relationship and every interaction—whether by phone or email, and nowadays across other channels such as social media or even your customer helpdesk. That information is a gold mine of opportunity, letting you identify prospects for up- or cross-sell, convert existing customers to new products or services, target new marketing, or even track invoices. Choosing the right CRM software for your business can dramatically improve your team’s collaboration and productivity, increase sales, and heighten customer satisfaction.

The best CRM software can deliver those benefits because it organizes and records the institutional knowledge all businesses maintain about their Continue reading “Easy CRM solution : The Best CRM Software of 2018”

CRM sales marketing and customer service

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is a system that enables businesses to build strong customer relationships and manage all relevant customer information and data. CRM includes tools and applications to collect, process and analyze data coming from various interaction channels such as website visits, phone calls, emails, social media and others. CRM software organizes and tries to make sense of all these disparate data in order to extract useful information that can show sales opportunities, and be used to create sales funnels as well as carry out sales and marketing campaigns.

CRM software is designed to let businesses know everything about their customers, both existing ones and prospects. A business can be responsive only if it knows what a customer wants, and a CRM system can help in finding out customer preferences and behavior through their purchasing history and buying trends. CRM helps businesses put focus on the customers to drive engagements and interactions, strengthen customer loyalty, convert Continue reading “CRM sales marketing and customer service”

Top WeChat CRM systems from China

As big as Tencent is, the WeChat backend system is far from perfect:

  • Only stores customer messages for 3 days
  • No CRM function 
  • Not easy to send targeted message to groups based on location/gender/age or other user characteristics
  • Very limited data analytics for WeChat shop’s performance 
  • Cannot track WeChat website’s performance
  • Cannot schedule a specific time to push messages
  • And many other limitations….

This leaves opportunities for third party companies to build better performing WeChat backend/CRM systems. There are many CRM systems in the Chinese market, not all are compatible with WeChat.  Here we pick 5 very useful WeChat CRM systems (or third party WeChat backends with CRM function) that work well with WeChat: Drip, Youzan, Weimob, MikeCRM and Dodoca.   Some of them are focused on CRM (MikeCRM), some are focused on managing the WeChat backend (Drip) and others are focused on WeChat shop (Youzan).  Depending on your business, you can find the system that’s best for your WeChat.  

Here is a summary of the 5 WeChat CRM systems:

1. Drip


Cost: free 


  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • Receive customer messages directly on WeChat
  • Making HTML5 slides 
  • Multiple QR code to follow the account (Verified Service Account only) 
  • Coupons
  • Lottery game
  • Customer tags 
  • WeChat website 
  • Can manage Weibo

Advantage: Completely integrates with WeChat; simple webpage creation; WeChat website blog; backend is simple to navigate 

Disadvantage: Does not have WeChat shop function 

Drip is a nicely designed system focusing on managing WeChat backend with some CRM functions. The interface is beautifully designed, clean, and easy to navigate. You can easily integrated your WeChat with Drip to manage customer messages, article posting and other basic account operation functions.  It also has many advanced function including managing multiple QR code, enables you to create simple webpages like introduction slides, coupons and lottery games. Drip allows you to view customer messages on your WeChat.   

The biggest advantage of using Drip is it enables you to create a simple WeChat website blog without any programming knowledge.  Here is a website we created in 5 minutes. 

The biggest drawback is drip does not have WeChat shop function or order management backend. It’s good choice if you need a simple website that focused on content.   

2. Youzan


Cost: free


  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • WeChat shop order management system 
  • Schedule posting time
  • Build an webpage article to send as auto-reply 
  • Connect with Weibo

Advantage: Integrated with WeChat, WeChat shop template, order management, data analytics 

Disadvantage: may not be the best fit if you do not selling product on WeChat

Youzan is known for it’s well designed WeChat shop template library. What many people don’t know is it can also fully integrate with WeChat and is a great CRM system. You can filter the users who have visited Youzan shop by purchase amount, VIP status, gender, location and purchase behaviour, and send targeted messages accordingly. 

Youzan also has great data analytics backend that enables you to create to track the performance of your WeChat shop.

For example:

  • The conversion funnel
  • Track click rate of each product 
  • Track the overall performance of the WeChat website/WeChat shop 

Another interesting function of Youzan is to create a WeChat post that is web based (for automatic reply).  This means that when users visit this blog page, you will have a lot more information about them than the basic WeChat post would reveal. The famous WeChat account Luojisewei uses Youzan to create all of it’s post when users reply specific key words. 

3. Weimob


Cost: annual fee of 10,000 RMB – 30,000 RMB


  • Basic WeChat backend management
  • WeChat website templates
  • VIP member management
  • WeChat shop
  • Targeted messaging
  • Data analytics backend
  • And more…

Advantage: Specifically designed for WeChat, easy integration, offers many advanced functions

Disadvantage: Backend navigation is complicated, lack of design

Weimob is one of the biggest third party WeChat CRM in China. Compared with the other CRM systems, Weimob offers more functions. Anything you have seem in the market,  it’s likely Weimob will have a module for it.  It is a good option if you are focused on building a website with the functions that your competitors offer (or that they don’t leverage yet).

The drawback of Weimob is that the backend is complicated to navigate. It has many sub modules for functions like WeChat shop, and customer service module (with a separate login system). The backend for building a WeChat website is separate from the backend to manage WeChat shop. Since each function has a separate module, the final website can give customers inconsistent user experience as they move from page to page.  Make sure to give your staff some time to learn about this backend, it does have a bit of a learning curve.

Overall, Weimob is an affordable enterprise solution to manage WeChat.

4. MikeCRM


Cost: free


  • Signup form 
  • Surveys
  • Simple product promotion page with WeChat / Alipay payment available. Up to 1.2% transaction fee
  • Can send out email (same as MailChimp) 

Advantage: advanced CRM system, great template for building interactive mobile webpage 

Limitation: cannot integrate directly with WeChat   

Among the 5 systems, MikeCRM is the most advanced CRM system. It has many template including hotel registration, voting pages, event signup, hiring post and many more.  

You can send emails with MikeCRM just like MailChimp. 

MickCRM even let you integrate payment (WeChat payment and Alipay) for set up a very simple one-page mobile shop with a few products.  Although here, the e-commerce function is more meant for collecting fees for an event. 

MickCRM is a great tool for internal communication, driving engagement and posting one off events on WeChat. 

5. Dodoca


Cost: annual fee, depends on industry


  • Industry focused template  
  • Connection to hardware  

Advantage: provides industry-focused solution

The best part about Dodoca is it has 20 industry-specific templates for WeChat website as well as WeChat shops.  Like Weimob, Dodoca offers a lot of advanced functions for each industry with an easier backend to navigate. 

Each industry template has functions which are most relevant for the specific vertical: booking and VIP cards for hotels, store locator for offline businesses, sleaker design templates for fashion, etc…


Thanks to the competitive WeChat market, businesses have many affordable and high quality WeChat CRM systems to choose from. When choosing which platform to use, research with a clear WeChat strategy in mind, register for a trial account, and  test to see if it is the best platform for you. Given the low cost of each platform, trial-and-error is the best way to figure out which of these platforms best fits your specific business.

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