Palm Springs Courses And Hotels

Palm Springs golf is made up of 8 smaller cities including La Quinta, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and others. With over 110 golf courses to play, this could be the world’s finest golf destination. Here you will find the perfect environment for enjoying and improving your game: abundant sunshine, low humidity, dramatic desert scenery, easy accessibility and green fees that work with any budget. It truly is an AFFORDABLE golf experience.

Keep in mind that during the fall (September and October) golf courses will be involved

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World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses

Golf Digest has been ranking courses for almost half a century. Here, for the first time, we present the World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.

We compiled a ballot of the world’s best layouts, from Aamby Valley to Zimbali, and sent it to our U.S. Course Ranking panelists, our 27 international editions and their respective Course Ranking panels, and other selected people we have come to know and trust. In total, 846 knowledgeable, well-traveled golfers completed our survey, rating each course they were familiar with on a 10-point scale. Courses needed a minimum of 20 ballots to qualify for our ranking.

Top of the list, by a clear margin, was Pine Valley, New Jersey’s heathland homage to Sunningdale in England. Forty of the top 100 are American courses—a fitting number given that America’s 15,619 courses make up 46 percent of the estimated 34,000 global total. Our ranking spans 18 countries.

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Work Accident & Illness Compensation Claims – top dangerous jobs.

Our expert work accident and illness lawyers will provide you with free initial advice on your compensation claim and with our No Win No Fee agreements there’s no financial risk to you if you’re unsuccessful*.

While accidents at work can happen, when we go to work we should be safe in the knowledge that our employers will do all they can to protect us from injury and illness. Sadly, thousands of workers are injured in accidents at work or develop a work-related illness every year.

Injuries and illnesses at work can be caused by anything from a lack of training, to faulty equipment to exposure to dangerous chemicals and substances. If you have had an accident at work, or suffered an injury or illness as a result of your working conditions, you may be able to make a work accident compensation claim.

“I was recommended Irwin Mitchell by a solicitor friend of mine and I am very happy to say that the dedication and professionalism shown has completely supported this recommendation.” Chris, Leeds

Even if you are a casual worker or consider yourself to be self-employed, you may well still be considered an employee under UK law, giving you the same rights as other workers.

We have specialist teams of solicitors who are dedicated to helping people claim compensation after an accident at work or a workplace illness. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of others to claim for their injuries, so you can be sure that we have the experience needed to help you get the compensation you deserve.

How Compensation Can Help You

Suffering an injury or illness at work can have serious consequences for you and your family. When we work with you to make a claim, we will make sure you get enough compensation to:

  • Repay you for any lost earnings or future loss of earnings if your injury or illness is so bad that you have to take time off sick or cannot return to work
  • Pay for private medical treatment to help you to recover as quickly as possible
  • Reflect the fact that you have suffered pain and injury because your employer did not take proper care of
  • Repay you for any expenses that you would not have otherwise had to pay, such as the cost of travel to hospital appointments

The Top CRM Vendors : A 2014 Overview

The Top CRM Vendors : A 2014 Overview
Comparing today’s leading CRM software vendors is a bit like matching David against Goliath. On one hand, you have the powerhouse CRM vendors whose products are consistently robust. Like Goliath, these giants have proven themselves in battle time and time again, and always come out on top. Yet some vendors come to the fight like David. Sure, these CRM software companies are smaller and have fewer resources, but they have a whole lot of heart, and an array of new and trendy features that could upset the balance between vendors.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the Davids and Goliaths from the top CRM vendors:Goliath: An Overview of 4 Powerhouse CRM Vendors

While a number of new CRM solutions have arose in the last decade, many big-name software companies have been providing contact and customer relationship management solution for much longer. Here are some of the biggest names in CRM.
1. Salesforce
You really can’t discuss customer relationship management software without talking about Salesforce. As the only powerhouse CRM that offers a one-hundred-percent cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce has transformed the SaaS CRM space. According to Gartner’s CRM market share reports, Salesforce is the worldwide leader in CRM software, with 16.1% of the market share.
2. Oracle
From 2012 to 2013, Oracle’s CRM revenue grew by 4%. While Oracle offers its CRM solution as a standalone product, as with other Goliath vendors the solution is intended for use within larger Oracle business systems for a seamless, comprehensive approach. Oracle was founded in 1977, and has been a leader in database software ever since.3. SAP

SAP remains a CRM software favorite due to the product’s deep integration with SAP ERP solutions. Powerhouse SAP connects customer relationship management to other processes and business system, while offering a modular approach that allows companies to build a custom solution.
4. Microsoft
Microsoft was founded in 1975, and has remained an important multinational business software vendor for years. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides comprehensive (yet innovative) customer relationship management tools that are integrated with social insights for a more productive result. Though not the least expensive solution, Microsoft users can expect reliable, robust CRM software.

David: Getting to Know the Emerging CRM Vendors

Unlike the top CRM vendors above, today’s emerging vendors are new and fresh. These top CRM vendors are often geared toward small and midsize businesses, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful than other customer relationship management solutions. Here are some of the emerging CRM vendors you should know:
1. Workbooks
Though Workbooks has been around for less than a decade, their successful CRM solution is a favorite of many. Workbooks CRM is designed specifically for small and midsized businesses, and is offered as a web-based solution. Workbooks was rated #1 for Customer Satisfaction on the G2Crowd Report on CRM software.
2. Nimble
Nimble offers customers a reimagined contact management system that values relationships over contacts. This emerging solution incorporates information from numerous social media and email sources (think: Gmail, Skype, Facebook and more) and makes sense of it all in one simple Contact Record.
3. Insightly
Insightly provides a CRM solution that is inexpensive, robust and mobile—the perfect tool for small businesses. Founded in 2009, this innovative company merges traditional CRM features like contact management and file sharing with new features like project management and powerful email integration.
4. Zoho
Emerging vendor Zoho offers a number of business applications (like CRM) that businesses can pick from to build a comprehensive solution. Though Zoho CRM doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found in other solutions, its affordability and potential for customization earn it a place on this list of emerging vendors.
5. UserVoice
UserVoice won last year’s CRM Idol (a playful spin on American Idol), due to their easy-to-use, collaborative CRM solution. UserVoice integrates help desk ticketing, enterprise social and traditional contact management for a comprehensive, SMB-friendly CRM software.

Now That You Know the Contenders, Which CRM Software Vendor Should You Pick?

Now that you’re familiar with the David and Goliaths of customer relationship management software, it’s time to choose the best CRM vendor for your company. Should you go with a time-tested powerhouse provider like Salesforce or SAP, or choose a new, emerging CRM vendor that boasts innovation and trendy features? Browse the following questions to make your decision easier:
How large is your business?
Smaller businesses will be more than happy choosing an emerging CRM vendor. These businesses will gain lots of flashy features, all without breaking the bank. Yet for midsize to large businesses (especially those in highly regulated industries), it might be best to turn to a powerhouse vendor like SAP or Oracle.
What business systems does your company currently use?
One of the major draws of the powerhouse CRM vendors is the ability to integrate with the company’s other solutions. If your business is already using business software from Oracle or Salesforce-based applications, then it makes sense to add that company’s respective CRM to your current arsenal of products.
How big is your budget?
There’s no denying it—today’s emerging CRM vendors give you the most bang for your buck. While they often provide fewer advanced features, for a company on a budget, choosing an emerging vendor from the list above will ensure that your needs are met (they each include all must-have CRM functions) for a fraction of the price of the Goliath vendors. Some solutions, such as Zoho, are even free.
Does deployment model matter?
With so many resources, the big-name CRM vendors like SAP and Microsoft can offer their software as both on-premise and SaaS solutions (with the exception of Salesforce, who only offers cloud-based software). If your business requires an on-premise solution—perhaps you want greater customization capabilities or have the IT staff to keep in-house data secure—you’ll likely want to choose one of the bigger, more established vendors.

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Maui surfing lessons : The best and the lowest prices

Learn to Surf, Guaranteed!

Kihei, Maui, is a surfing instruction paradise. All day long we are graced with perfect sunny weather and beautiful small rolling waves that provide a sensational environment for learning how to surf.

Our 2 hour surfing lessons are structured specifically for first time surfers and intermediate boarders who are looking to take the next step and bring their surfing up to the next skill level.

We’ll introduce you to proper techniques that will help you build a Continue reading “Maui surfing lessons : The best and the lowest prices”

Child Protection‎ : How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft ?

Child Protection‎ : How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft ?

In 2005, five percent of the complaints the US Federal Trade Commission received regarding identity theft were from individuals younger than 18. In some cases, children in the 0-5 age group have been heavily targeted because the theft is less likely to be noticed for some time.

Vulnerable to identity theft due to age, spotless records and low detection rates, 140,000 children are victims of child identity theft in the United States every year.

It’s another side of raising children to bear in mind so that your child isn’t a victim of identity theft before they’ve even left home. If your child starts out with a bad credit report, it can make matters very difficult when trying to get a job, take out a car or student loan or obtaining a mortgage. Worse still, they can be harassed lifelong about debts they’ve never even accumulated! However, parents are not powerless and can take the steps outlined in this article to safeguard their child’s identity.

1 Keep your child’s important papers, including birth certificate, passport (if they have one) and social security card locked up in a safe place. Anything that has personal identifiers and could be used as identification needs to be kept safe. If you need to take these documents anywhere for proof of your child’s identity, always know where they are and remember to bring them back home with you after showing them.

Never carry your child’s social security card in your wallet. Keep it in a secure place, preferably in a safe at home.

2 When a business asks for a social security number for your child, always ask them why they need it. In the United States, you will be asked for your child’s social security number even more often than for the birth certificate. Many businesses, especially hospitals and doctors’ offices, still use social security numbers as identifiers.

Keep a record of who has the social security number of your child. Should anything untoward happen, this might help investigations into tracking down the culprit. A simple list kept with the birth certificate and social security number file will suffice; just remember to jot it down each time the number has been shared with a relevant authority.

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