Sponsor A Child : Without them see what will happen

In a world where violence and cruelty to be common and acceptable almost seems, many parents are wondering what they can do to help and care and protection of children to become kinder and gentler – to a sense of care and compassion for others development. Children who care about education is not a solution to the violence in and of itself, but it reasonable to worry that exposed to a lot of violence – whether on television or on the street – can make your children is difficult and uncaring.

Parents, of course, can not completely control all the things that affect the lives of their children. After all, children spend a lot of time in the “real world”, and which are often harsh, uncaring or just plain happy. The children have their own personalities and characteristics that parents can not change or control. But there are some things that a parent can do to encourage children to become care and fair and responsible.

People sometimes think that children do not really see the outside world – or other people – the way adults do, and they only show in the world from their point of view and in their own way. But is this true?

Researchers used to think that the feeling of real care about others only came as people grow into adulthood. But now studies suggest that children can show signs of empathy and concern from a very early age. They react with concern when they see misery, and the desire to help or solve the problem.

Security Systems : The top 10 Amazing Security Systems for Cars

Cars are expensive. Other than a house, perhaps, few purchases we make will compare to a new car. And just like any other expensive asset, a car brings with it a secondary cost — the risk of theft.

In some laid-back parts of the world, locking the doors may be enough to ward off the threat. Everywhere else, it’s a good idea to arm yourself — and your car — with some security.

On the bright side, car thefts have been steadily decreasing in recent years; fewer than 1 million cars were stolen in the United States in 2009 [source: NICB].

That’s the lowest number in two decades, and car security has come a long way during that time period. For instance, more than 30 car models from General Motors come equipped with OnStar, a car safety device that provides everything from turn-by-turn navigation to stolen vehicle tracking Continue reading “Security Systems : The top 10 Amazing Security Systems for Cars”

The 7 Tips to a Successful Implementation of any CRM System

In my last blog I gave you some tips on how to structure your workday (8 Ways CRM Software Can Help Reduce Cost for Your Business). These tips refer to what you as an individual could do. This time I will focus on organizational structure.

Whether you have chosen a CRM vendor or not, it is a good idea to prepare for the organizational challenges you may meet:

  • What does it involve of resources?
  • Do you need to make organizational changes?
  • What are the goals or benefits you expect to get out of the CRM system?
  • Do you want a cloud or a server solution?

When you implement a new IT system, the whole organization needs to be in sync. It has to be a combination of a set of official guidelines and personal involvement. A good project manager is essential and the way to success lies in good internal communication. A CRM system is not just technology; it is a strategy and a philosophy. Here are 7 tips of things to consider when implementing a CRM system:

1. Anchorage in the top management

It may sound obvious that a project that involvers all parts of an organization needs top management involvement, but in order to inspire and build credibility, top management is crucial. They drive the opinion and culture in the organization and their early adaption gives a synergy effect on the whole organization. So get them involved!

2. Project manager

When you are implementing a new CRM system the most important person is the one that has the overall management and the mandate to run the project. The selected person should drive the project so that the steps get done and the goals are met. It does not have to be someone from the management, but a do-er with enthusiasm, passion and focus on details.

3. Super-user

A super-user or a CRM responsible is not the same as a project manager. This is the person in your organization which is assigned as the super-user of your new system. He or she just loves the new system and wants to learn everything about. When others in your organization have problems or need support, this is the internal person to go to, the “know-it-all”. This person is also often the contact point towards the vendor, and will be the first to get information about new version etc.

4. Launch with a BANG!

The mantra for real estate agents is location – location – location. For the project manager it should be motivation – motivation – motivation. Sell it! Internal marketing is sometimes underestimated, but when implementing a new CRM system you need to sell it to your colleagues. Make a cool article on your intranet, a poster, a special launch t-shirt, internal launch party etc. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but something to mark the launch and create enthusiasm. But unfortunately you can’t rest on your laurels, now the lobbing starts. Walk around, ask people how it’s going and help them along.

5. Internal guidelines

As mentioned before in other blog posts on this site, a CRM system is only as good as the data put into it. It is essential that some common guidelines are set. For example how to include new company data or register a sale. If Trine, Steven and Marie all register their sales in the CRM system, but Michael doesn’t, then it is difficult for the sales manager to take out correct sales statistics. The guidelines should be written down and can be published for example on your intranet. Or if you start with SuperOffice CRM, use our collaboration tool Audience.

6. Training

We are all different; some people get a kick out of a new system and start to use it right away. Others may be skeptical to a new way of working. The project manager should have strategies to handle both user groups. You can choose classroom training from a vendor, or if you have assigned an internal super-user he or she can do the training in your office. You should also include an introduction to your CRM system in the internal training program for new employees. New employees will then, form the start, get on the right track.

7. Strategy

CRM is, as mentioned earlier, not just technology but a philosophy. When you implement a CRM system your whole organization needs to re-think all routines and each individual needs to change their work pattern. This is a challenge and requires a strategy to cope with negative attitude on all levels. Despite the fact that it over the last 10 years have been written a lot about CRM, clarifying the shift from only a sales perspective to a 3600 view, many people still look at CRM as only a sales tool. You might encounter attitudes like “in Finance we work in a different way, and have no need for a CRM system” or “I have all my emails saved in folders in Outlook, so I know how to find them”. Prepare yourself! I can give you a lot of good arguments for implementing a CRM system, but in my book the no. 1 argument is: When in a workplace the company owns your production, and a CRM system ensures that all documentation is stored in one common database owned by the company.


I would say that the Achilles heel to all IT systems is user-friendliness. The author of “Stupid bloody system!”, Jonas Söderström, addresses the problems of poor data systems in a work environment perspective. He claims that the problem with too many data systems has become so imperative that it has to be addressed before it ruins the work environment. Strange reference from a software vendor you may say? But he addresses a very important point – you need to put in the time and effort to evaluate before you choose a new IT system. Not only the technology should be in place but also design and user-friendliness are important to ensure that the users will love it, and that you can see results from your investment.

To learn more about SuperOffice CRM and its products, please visit our product library or download one of our white papers.

7 Tips to a Successful Implementation of Your New CRM System

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lawyers for children : A child is exposed to severe beatings

Due to economical reasons, especially in poor countries, children are forced to work in order to survive.Child labour often happens in difficult conditions, which are dangerous and impair the education of the future citizens and increase vulnerability to adults.

It is hard to know exactly the age and number of children who work. At least 150 million children under 5 years of age worked in 2004, but the figure is underestimated because domestic labour is not counted.

Children are exposed to brutal assault during their work, and there must be care and protection of children and the children’s lawyer to defend them.

Obama Takes a Three-Day Golf Vacation in Palm Springs

I know what you’re thinking. Should he really be doing this given that the economy is just so-so and the world is in crisis? But look, it’s been six weeks since he had a vacation. I mean, give the guy a break.

President Obama is taking a three-day golf vacation in Palm Springs, California. Obama arrived there Saturday after a quick flight from San Francisco, where he a had two “official” events and a fundraiser.

While the events in San Francisco were legitimate, it is also legitimate to ask whether he schedules them out in California so he can get his golf vacation in without any bad PR.

He played Saturday at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage, where he has visited Continue reading “Obama Takes a Three-Day Golf Vacation in Palm Springs”

Golf – PGA Golf Courses, Clubs, Bags & Etiquette

Ten pace-of-play and golf-course-etiquette tips for beginning golfers.. Greetings, new golfers!

Let me be the first to welcome you to our grand game. (Lord knows, we need each and every one of you these days.)

And we also know golf can be intimidating at first: weird rules, funny clothes, strange lingo.

So before you play your next round, I’d like to offer up a bit of advice on how you can fit right in with low-handicappers — all without having to buy the fancy gear or shoot the low scores.

But first, an admission: All of us in the game need to do a better job of not only lightening up the rules a little for you but also educate you with the complex ways of golf course etiquette.

Source : http://www.automaticinformation.org/pga-golf-courses-clubs-bags-etiquette/