Sales Management : Solutions to Meet Your Business Goals

The primary goal of business is to grow profitably. Whether through attracting new customers or retaining existing ones, strong sales management is essential. Sales force automation (SFA) can strengthen your ability to increase revenue by enabling you to convert more prospects to customers and target the highest value opportunities. Comprehensive SFA strategies aid proactive communication and ensure everyone who interacts with customers has accurate and complete information at their fingertips.

Epicor® sales management solutions can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. They help sales teams manage their opportunities and automate administrative tasks—allowing them to focus on building lasting profitable relationships.

Providing Solutions to Meet Your Business Goals

Quotes and sales orders enable the vital coordination of activities between your sales people, warehouses and plants, shipping and accounting teams. They facilitate efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions.

Epicor sales management provides the tools—including sophisticated product configuration—to produce accurate estimates, streamline your quote-to-cash cycle, calculate reliable estimates, and improve customer service. Combined with the implementation of sophisticated supply chain management software and an integrated warehouse management system, Epicor’s sales management solutions can enhance the efficiency of your sales processes, end to end, so you can take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

By streamlining the sales process—centralizing access to product, pricing, pipeline, and customer information—orders can be generated with a minimal number of steps. This results in increased sales productivity through accuracy during the request for quotation (RFQ) and order process stage.

Effective Sales Demand Management

Demand management responds to today’s business conditions and incorporates the requirements of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to help your company reduce lead time for planning and procurement, enabling you to respond on the production floor faster. Demand management establishes contracts that can be linked to sales orders and releases to match each customer’s unique shipping needs.

Epicor sales management moves beyond the demand side of EDI, to also focus on the fulfillment side with secure outbound Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) transactions that customers reconcile with each shipment. Through inbound EDI documents, the cumulative (CUM) total value and actual received quantity is electronically sent back for reconciliation.

Epicor sales management solutions and supply chain software deliver comprehensive SFA to help you perfect the order-to-delivery process for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Is About Love

It was an honor for both Michael Krigsman and I to speak with Paul Greenberg , considered by many including myself as the Godfather of CRM, and the author of the bestselling, definitive book on customer relationship management (CRM) titled ‘CRM – at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition’. In our video, we discussed the meaning of being a customer company, marketing and socail CRM, the relevance of net promoter score (NPS) and most importantly the science of hugging.

Our discussion started with what it means to be a customer company. We spoke about’s new messaging of how to become a customer company — benefits of listening and social collaboration using social technologies, connecting across multiple channels, with the purpose of delighting customers. Personally, I find the message to be very relevant and impressive in today’s connected, knowledge sharing economy. I believe that does a great job of putting their Continue reading “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Is About Love”

What is Customer Relationship Management ? Frameworks, IDIC Model

Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) & investigation of new Strategies for Successful business

1. Introduction

In any market, companies want to increase their rate of sales and quality of their services or products regularly to higher and higher points. Therefore, In Today’s business environment, it is almost impossible to unlink Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and success of the Business.

Many researches have done in order to see how CRM effective and important on the success of the business and which way. In fact, Drucker (1954), suggest, “The true business of every company is to make and keep customers” (Jain and Sharma, 2013, p 47.) which is one of the purposes of CRM. Some call it customer relationship management (CRM); others call it customer experience management (CRM), others call it customer-managed relationship (CRM) !
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Business eCommerce Software & Epicor eCommerce Management

Today’s hyper-competitive manufacturing and distribution environments require business eCommerce software to do much more than simply process shopping transactions quickly and efficiently. With Epicor Commerce Connect you can manage customers, merchandise, inventory, order history—basically the entire order life cycle. Together with your Epicor ERP solution, Epicor Commerce Connect enables you to effectively manage the entire customer experience.

Epicor Commerce Connect enables you to increase your Web presence and help drive new business—both from your existing customers and from new, untapped business opportunities and sales channels. With Epicor Commerce Connect, your company can easily deliver an intuitive, personalized eCommerce shopping experience. While many companies can provide business eCommerce software, very few are able to deliver the value and results that Epicor can with Commerce Connect.

You no longer need to have two separate systems to accept wholesale and consumer orders. Epicor Commerce Connect eliminates the redundant databases found in most ERP eCommerce software. Product information tiered pricing, customers, and inventory levels can be displayed directly from your production ERP database. Orders can be submitted and processed immediately, allowing the customer to use their terms or credit card for purchase

Business eCommerce Software

Epicor provides on-premise deployment options that could provide greater flexibility in accessing the secured functionality from other computers and in managing updates to the eCommerce application depending on your specific needs. Our flexible deployment options include: hosted environments where Epicor is responsible for all operations and/or maintenance, and on-premise behind the firewall on an internal Web server, or with an ISP.

Epicor eCommerce Management

Epicor Commerce Connect provides a comprehensive framework and toolset designed to easily and efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of running business eCommerce software. Epicor Commerce Connect enables the site administrator to control users, products, orders, content, and documents. The administrator can also easily build out additional pages within the Web sites. The toolset is designed so that changes to content and the Web site can be made without the help of a programmer or a graphic designer.

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Customer Relationship Management CRM & Content Management System CMS

In the business world you have customer relationship management tools, and in truth there are many similarities between these tools and those nonprofits might use. For more on customer relationship management, see this WikiPedia article. Nonprofits don’t see their supporters as customers, so many prefer the word constituent. The relationships are similar in some ways, but mostly are very different, but the tools are very similar. Both allow for targeted approaches to maintaining and strengthening relationships.

Maintaining a relationship with supporters/customers is something done by most organizations. In the past this might have been done through phone calls, door-to-door canvassing or through the mail, but these days we have access to new tools.


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Brain age test : What’s your brain age?

What’s YOUR brain age? Take this test to find out and discover how simple lifestyle changes can knock years off it

Every new wrinkle reveals how our skin is ageing, while our creaky joints and thickening waists tell the same story about the rate at which our bodies are growing old.

But what about our brains? What is happening within our heads as we age is far Continue reading “Brain age test : What’s your brain age?”